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Stanhope  Honiton

Our Rooms

your-own-furnitureThis really is a Home from Home.

You will find the rooms are spacious, well decorated and ready for you to put your personal touch,on to make them feel like home,including a coat of paint or wallpaper of your choice

We have 10 bedsits that vary in size and facilities.

There are ground floor rooms as well as access to a walk in bath and a stair lift for those who struggle with getting about.


All rooms have a lounge, kitchen and bedroom area as well as either an en-suite shower room or easy access to a bathroom.

We tailor your package to your needs.
The building is very flexible, and we have not had a problem finding a suitable room for anyone who has decided to come and join us at Stanhope.

Main meals are prepared in the house kitchen by the cooks and enjoyed all together in the communal dining area.